How Small Business Wins with the Sustainable Best Practices of Larger Organizations

How Small Business Wins with the Sustainable Best Practices of Larger Organizations

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How Small Business Wins with the #Sustainable Best Practices of Larger Organizations @TaigaCompany
Friday, March 19, 2010 - 10:15am


We've all heard about "going green" and the corporate sustainability plans that many larger organizations are undertaking.  However, one of the biggest misconceptions around this topic is that sustainable business strategies are exclusive to larger organizations.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.   

In fact, within our professional consulting with smaller businesses, we guide clients to use the best practices of larger organizations to sustainable business strategies they can use in their business that deliver bottom line and environmental results.
As an example, HP is known as a consumer and vendor of paper.   Internally, HP executed six guiding principles including efficient use of raw materials, sustainable forestry practices, responsible and low-carbon production, and waste minimization.   The results?  HP diverted   91.3 percent of its waste in 2008 and the company’s non-hazardous waste reduction program helped the company avoid sending 83,866 tons of waste to landfill, which was primarily paper waste.   Technology Business Research  says this strategy saved the company nearly $7.7 million from reusing items and avoiding landfill costs, and generated $2 million in revenue by selling material to recyclers.
Click here to learn how small business can implement similar sustainability concepts in the business to generate similar results of cost savings, environmental impact reduction, and increased efficiency.





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