How to Incorporate Fair Trade Products at Home

How to Incorporate Fair Trade Products at Home

Making Every Purchase Matter Video Series - Part 2
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Don’t be Square, Buy Fair! New video shows how easy it is to incorporate more #FairTrade products into your life

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 7:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Fair Trade Month


In celebration of Fair Trade Month we have created a two-part video series to help you Make Every Purchase Matter! Each video demonstrates how easy it is to incorporate Fair Trade into your daily life.

Part 2: How to Incorporate Fair Trade Products at Home
With 10,000 Fair Trade Certified™ products on the market, it’s simple to find the right one to suit your needs at home. From sugar, to bananas, to wine and spirits - there are many ingredients, fresh foods and products that you can incorporate into your everyday concoctions. To get started, all you need to do is use the Fair Trade Finder to locate all of the shops, grocery stores and markets that carry Fair Trade products near you.
See how Bobby, a non-Fair Trade consumer, learns about and incorporates Fair Trade products at home.

Watch The Video -  Make Every Purchase Matter: How to Incorporate Fair Trade Products at Home

Whether you love to bake or shake-up a delicious cocktail, changing the ingredients you use can mean big impact for farmers and workers around the world. Your commitment to buying Fair Trade means new schools, clean water and health care for farming communities in need. So next time you’re out at your favorite grocer, remember that Fair Trade is all about quality products that improve lives and protect the environment. So, don’t be square, buy Fair.

Wondering where to buy Fair Trade goods in your neighborhood? Use the Fair Trade Finder! The Fair Trade Finder is an application dedicated to helping you find and tag Fair Trade Certified products in your town. Find the application on Facebook or download for your iPhone or Android.

Watch Part 1 of the series:  How to Request Fair Trade Certified Coffee or Tea.

Video Credit: Created, written and directed by Hayley Johnson, Fair Trade USA intern and third year student at San Francisco State University. Hayley is an Environmental Sustainability and Social Justice major and Communications minor. She has a passion for serving others, writing, coffee, film, and Fair Trade.



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