Holiday Giving Made Simple: A Checklist

Holiday Giving Made Simple: A Checklist

Corporate Philanthropy Programs are on the Rise
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Map your business initiatives for 2016 and see if corporate philanthropy is for you!

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Thursday, November 19, 2015 - 10:15am

CAMPAIGN: JK Group's Long Term Giving Best Practices


As we approach the holidays, this is a great time to kick off a specialized giving program for your company or just simply getting engaged in new and different ways. Whether you choose to donate volunteer hours from your company’s knowledge base, or offer a giving program that you may match for your charitable employees or simply identify the cause work your company wants to participate in, there is no better time to start rallying your workforce around a cause that drives passion and awareness.

The reasons to get your employees involved in a corporate cause are numerous: “An effective giving program has become a significant competitive differentiator for today’s companies, in terms of enhancing their employer brand and reputation among customers,” said Nita Kirby, director of Client Strategy for JKGroup. “But rather than the reactive, ‘give and run’ approach often taken to assist communities or respond to a disaster, companies have much to gain by fostering sustainable, focused giving programs that keep their employees engaged and ready and willing to make meaningful donations of time and money.”

Need some help and direction?

Download our checklist to get step-by-step instructions to start an employee giving program!