Higher Sense of Purpose, Key to Attracting Knowledge Workers

Higher Sense of Purpose, Key to Attracting Knowledge Workers

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Meaningful workplace environment attracts talented employees

Friday, March 20, 2015 - 10:30am

CAMPAIGN: JK Group's Long Term Giving Best Practices


There’s a paradigm shift underway at American workplaces… away from routine and process oriented tasks towards knowledge workers and a knowledge-based economy that feeds off of employee engagement and innovation for corporate success. With routine tasks relegated to computers, factory floor robotics and outsourcing, companies now depend on their employees for competitive advantages. So it’s less about a company saying “I have the computers or the machines, come work em”; it’s more about “I have a platform that needs your expertise to take it to the next level!” So where, earlier, employees would compete for jobs, now, employers are competing for qualified employees and offering them all sorts of incentives to join the company. Click here to read more.