#HerDay2015 Recap of “Help Change the World by Investing in Women and Girls”

#HerDay2015 Recap of “Help Change the World by Investing in Women and Girls”

A two-week adventure with Global Impact and charity partners celebrating International Women’s Day
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Friday, March 20, 2015 - 2:05pm

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We know that when empowered, women have the ability to improve, communities and even entire countries. #HerDay2015International Center for Research on Women @ICRW (tweet)

A lack of education limits the ability of women to control their own lives. Of the estimated 775 million adults that are illiterate, two-thirds are women. Each year, about 300,00 women suffer a preventable death during pregnancy and childbirth. Violence against women kills and disables as many as cancer, malaria, traffic accidents and war COMBINED.

These are just some of the facts that we were able to share during #HerDay2015, provided by those involved in the Women and Girls Fund, a high-impact charity from Global Impact, supporting CARE, Plan USA, World Vision and International Center for Research on Women.

For two weeks, Global Impact and its charity partners shared devastating facts, uplifting stories of accomplishments, and inspiring ways we all can help empower women and girls across the globe. The communications were centered around International Women’s Day on March 8, 2015, using #HerDay2015.

The key to overcoming world poverty is to invest in #women and #girls. #HerDay2015 http://bit.ly/1Gz7jmg  - Global Impact (tweet)

Q2. asks @charitydotorg What inspired your organization to create this fund? Find out #HerDay2015 – Justmeans (tweet)

A2: The fund was created for #workplacegiving, a #CSR solution for easy & simple giving to women & girls! http://bit.ly/1Gz7jmg  #HerDay2015 - Global Impact @charitydotorg (tweet)

We hope attendees leave w/ a new found awareness & inspiration to help women & girls http://bit.ly/1Gz7jmg  #HerDay2015 - Global Impact @charitydotorg (tweet)

Each day the #HerDay2015 conversation focused on different areas, including education, maternal health, violence, child marriages, clean water, micro-lending and more. Attendees were encouraged to share their own stories and experiences on #HerDay2015.

#MentoringWalk #Ghana Flag Bearer Brigitte on the powerful impact of #mentoring. #HerDay2015 #InvestinWomen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2AZcMgUMxs&feature=youtu.be … - Vital Voices @VitalVoices (tweet)

I gave birth to my son in a clean, hygienic facility & a well knowledgeable medical team. All mothers should have this access. #HerDay2015 – Adriana L. Alejandro @alalejandro (tweet)

we help empower girls thru education. check out this blog from @PlanUSA about why it's so crucial: http://bit.ly/1Ab6eju  #HerDay2015 - Educate! @EducateOrg (tweet)

Without access to clean water & sanitation, women lack the means to thrive. Water means sparking the potential ALL women have! #HerDay2015 – Women For Water @womenforwater (tweet)

Real-time events, such as President Obama’s speech regarding #LetGirlsLearn and International Women’s Day on March 8th, easily became part of the bigger conversation, shared by the panelists and attendees.

President Obama: A world where girls are educated is a safer & more stable world. @tostan #letgirlslearn #HerDay2015 – Adriana L. Alejandro @alalejandro (tweet)

Empower Our Girls, Empower the World: An #IWD2015 Message from Nigeria: http://eepurl.com/bgeXqn  #EmpowerOurGirls #HerDay2015 - MSH @MSHHealthImpact (tweet)

As the #HerDay2015 dialogue concluded on Friday, March 13th, Social Good Moms joined #HerDay2015 as host of a LIVE 30 minute chat with Global Impact and charity partners. It was great to have everyone engaged in real time to add final thoughts, answer lingering questions and really drive home the importance of investing in women and girls. Find Social Good Moms’ Storify recap here.

What questions do you have about women & girls? Our expert panelists are online now to answer your questions! #HerDay2015 - Social Good Moms @socialgoodmoms (tweet)

What are ways we can easily help women and girls? It can seem overwhelming at times. #HerDay2015 – Mom Bloggers Club @mombloggersclub (tweet)

Another great quote “If a woman has confidence in herself, if she has equal rights she will be empowered.”Asmaa, 21, Egypt #HerDay2015 – Plan USA @PlanUSA (tweet)

@socialgoodmoms Protect, Educate and nurture girls - this must start at the community level! #HerDay2015 – World Vision’s SWSW @wvswsw (tweet)

With two weeks of celebrating women and girls for #HerDay2015, the conversation flowed and is nearly impossible to capture in this short blog post recap. There were so many wonderful tweets shared by caring attendees. 3BL Media, along with Global Impact and its charity partners were humbled by the participating and shared passion for investing in women and girls. Be sure to catch the Storify archive of the chat.

We want to thank all #HerDay2015 participants. Be sure to follow EVERYONE on our Twitter list http://bit.ly/1Mq6b7E  #FF - 3BL Media @3BLMedia (tweet)