A Guide for SME's: How and Why to go Paperless

A Guide for SME's: How and Why to go Paperless

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Monday, March 29, 2010 - 4:10pm


Paperless is a buzz word that is gaining momentum.  It is one of those sustainability concepts that is a bit easier to grasp because it's tangible and with the help of technology, more resources are available to help small businesses capture the benefits of paperless minus the hassle and costs. 

Most business leaders identify cost savings as the driver towards moving towards a paperless office.  Granted, reduced consumption and eliminating storage space does save money.  However, the added bonuses of increased productivity and the availability to work remotely make moving to a paperless office appealing. As we've found on our business sustainability programs, it's the triple bonus of reducing environmental impacts that makes going paperless the winner.
Why?  Most businesses can justify cost savings and productivity enhancement programs but some are just now taking steps on the path to business sustainability.  Moving towards a paperless office offers enough traditional business gains to make the move and the environmental piece is a safe way to expand eco awareness.
Within our business sustainability consulting, we explain that when it comes to paper, producing paper from virgin fiber is both energy and water intensive.  It releases significant amounts of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere.  By choosing to use less paper and paper with recycled content you are making the choice to save wood, water and energy, and cut pollution and solid waste.   The costs savings add up and the environmental impact goes down. 



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