Green living: How to Shop Green

Green living: How to Shop Green

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#Green living: How to Shop Green by @TaigaCompany
Friday, April 23, 2010 - 9:09am


Have you noticed how "Green" is everywhere?  Enter a grocery store, and there are "green" products next to traditional ones.  Billboards on the highways promoting “green" homes.  How do you know which products truly embrace sustainability concepts versus traditional products with a marketing makeover?  

For those on the path of living a sustainable lifestyle, there’s power in leveraging purchases to support credible and sustainable businesses.   As a personal consultant, I offer a few suggestions to make the distinction.  
  • Research before you buy.  For larger more infrequent items, set aside time to research your options.  Evaluate products on the full lifecycle.  How much energy was used in producing the product?   What is the energy consumption of your intended use?  How it will be discarded later? Compare products with eco awareness in mind.

  • Look for eco-labels.  An eco-label is a logo indicating a product or company that has met an environmentally preferable standard. 

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