The Green Light for a Green City

The Green Light for a Green City

Buses on time, smoothly flowing traffic and lower CO2 emissions. Sitraffic STREAM from Siemens is an intelligent traffic prioritization system that makes sure buses and emergency vehicles in Böblingen automatically get the green light.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016 - 10:05am


The green light for buses and emergency vehicles
It sounds like an impossibly complex system with a large number of moving parts, but it is a reality in Böblingen, where smooth traffic is now the standard. Sitraffic STREAM ensures that urban traffic flows seamlessly, with the added benefit of reduced CO2 emissions.

Up until now, only analog traffic control solutions for buses and emergency vehicles were an option for smaller cities and communities due to high implementation costs. Enter Sitraffic STREAM, which is completely digital. Only a small on-board unit (OBU) with integrated GPS and GPRS antenna is required to be installed in vehicles. The OBU uses GPS to determine the vehicle’s exact position, and GPRS to transmit the positioning data to the traffic control center. When pre-defined virtual registration points are passed, the central control system changes the signal to green. As soon as the vehicle has crossed the intersection, the signal returns to normal operation. Waiting times for regular traffic are minimal.

In addition, the position data is used to monitor vehicle departure times at transit stops in real time. A big plus for passengers: Overall punctuality of public transport is improved and buses run more reliably. CO2 emissions in cities decrease, because buses move through the city more smoothly, offering an attractive alternative to private transport.

Fire Departments also benefit from these innovative solutions: Emergency vehicles must no longer drive through red lights at intersections. Rescue teams are able to reach victims more rapidly and offer better emergency care by avoiding the added stress of navigating traffic at high speed.

Siemens with Sitraffic STREAM active is an economic, reliable and sustainable urban traffic solution designed for a green city.

Sitraffic STREAM: simply brilliant - brilliantly simple!
Sitraffic STREAM is a satellite-based prioritization system for local public transport systems and emergency vehicles. It ensures that traffic lights at intersections automatically turn green for incoming buses and emergency vehicles. What makes it special is that the digital Siemens solution does not require expensive installations along or by the side of the street, nor does it need complex vehicle alterations. Instead, it just needs an easy-to-mount box with GPS and GPRS antenna. In this way, cutting-edge traffic technology can also be economically used for smaller towns and communities.

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