Global Training Courses on Human Rights & Supply Chain Management

Global Training Courses on Human Rights & Supply Chain Management

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Participants deliberate a theoretical case study during a breakout exercise at the SA8000 Basic Auditor Training course in Athens, Greece on October 8-12, 2012. [Photo credit: Sanjiv Singh]

Participants from the SA8000 Basic Auditor training course in Istanbul, Turkey on September 3-7, 2012. [Photo credit: Sanjiv Singh]

Participants from SAI's SA8000 Basic Auditor Training Course in Colombo, Sri Lanka - 6-10, August, 2012 (Photo Credit: Sanjiv Singh)

Participants from SAI's SA8000 Basic Auditor Training Course in New Delhi, India - 2-6, April, 2012 (Photo Credit: Sanjiv Singh)


Improving global working conditions is important for workers, and it’s important for businesses and consumers. As the field of social performance expands from auditing to actual capacity building, the professional requirements for auditors and consultants evolve daily. Now, more than ever, having the tools to help companies and individuals measure and improve in these areas is critical.

SAI training courses are designed to encourage proficiency in social compliance and emphasize the implementation of management systems in combination with performance elements.These courses are required for all SA8000 and BSCI auditors, and are just as valuable to internal auditors, buyers, managers and workers for auditing to any labor code or standard. The courses are open to all.

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Complimentary seats for NGOs & trade unions: SAI believes that NGOs and trade unions play a critical role in helping to ensure human rights at work around the world. As class sizes vary based on venue capacity, we limit these complimentary seats to one representative per class. Please contact SAI Training Manager Stephanie Wilson for more information -

Monday, March 11, 2013 - 12:10pm

SA8000 Introduction & Basic Auditor Training Course (5-day) 2013

  • March 11-15: São Paulo, Brazil 
  • March 25-29: New York City, U.S.
  • April 1-5: Mumbai, India
  • April 15-19: Lisbon, Portugal
  • April 15-19: Guangzhou, China
  • May 20-24: Madrid, Spain
  • May 27-31: Shanghai, China

Auditing for Fire Safety in the SA8000 and BSCI Systems
This 90-minute webinar is a compulsory requirement for all existing SA8000 and BSCI auditors, as well as trainees in the SA8000 auditor training courses, in order for your credentials to be considered valid, and/or to receive a certificate of course completion. This webinar is pre-recorded, and available in English at no cost through April 30, 2013. As of May 1, 2013, there will be a modest fee to access this webinar, to help cover the costs of long-term webinar hosting.

SA8000 Advanced Auditor Training Course (3 day) 2013
Now featuring a mandatory online pre-requisite course that reviews the material from the Basic Course.

  • March 20-22: Shenzhen, China
  • March 20-22: São Paulo, Brazil
  • April 1-3: New York City, U.S.
  • May 8-10: Guangzhou, China
  • May 13-15: Karachi, Pakistan
  • May 15-17: Madrid, Spain
  • June 10-12: Bern, Switzerland
  • June 26-28: Shanghai, China

Implementing the UN Guiding Principles for Business & Human Rights
This two-day training course aims to demonstrate how companies can transform principles to practice. The course is not required for SA8000 and BSCI auditors, however the course material is complementary to the SA8000 auditor training course learnings.

  • June 25-26: São Paulo, Brazil
  • September 23-24: Utrecht, the Netherlands


Stephanie Wilson
Social Accountability International (SAI)