From Global Crisis to Climate Turning Point

From Global Crisis to Climate Turning Point

By Michael R. Bloomberg
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The world has entered a new era of climate solutions, @Bloomberg decided to make a publication to be its chronicle. Bloomberg Green’s quarterly magazine launches today. #bloomberggreen @climate

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Featured in the Summer 2020 issue of Bloomberg Green. Photographer: Joanna McClure for Bloomberg Green

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 - 2:05pm

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When future generations look back on how countries responded to the worst public health crisis and largest economic shock in a century, what will they see?

Will they see leaders who were stuck in old ways of thinking and tried to save the declining technologies of the past? Or will they see leaders who recognized the opportunity to build a better, smarter future—and turned a devastating crisis into a turning point?
We’ll soon know.

As this first quarterly issue of Bloomberg Green goes to print, governments around the world are debating how to mobilize unprecedented sums of money to stabilize national economies and counter the devastation wrought by the novel coronavirus. As they do, all are facing a choice between the old road and a new one. Between protecting jobs in old industries and creating jobs in new ones. Between burning coal and gas and harnessing renewable energy. Between damaging our health and improving it. And between worsening climate change and stopping it while building resiliency.

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