German Mellow Boards Takes ​Sustainable ​E-Mobility to the Next Level

German Mellow Boards Takes ​Sustainable ​E-Mobility to the Next Level

by Antonio Pasolini
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These German skateboards are taking #sustainable e-mobility to the next level via @Justmeans #transportation

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016 - 8:00am



Germany is a country whose population is highly educated on​, ​and committed to​,​ environmental issues. It is also a country of ingenious minds, ​and sometimes these two aspects of the culture converge, as is the case with ​the folks at Hamburg-based Mellow Boards, a posse of skateboarding engineers who devised a e-mobility engine that can be installed under any skateboard.

The project​ has been making big waves since it​ was ​successfully ​crowdfunded via Kickstarter last year​.

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Image credit: Mellow Boards

Corporate Social Responsibility writer for Justmeans, Antonio Pasolini is a journalist based in Brazil who writes about alternative energy, green living and sustainability. Besides Just Means, he contributes articles on emerging technology to Gizmag. He is also a happy herbivore.
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