Fracking Moves To China, Part II

Fracking Moves To China, Part II

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Fracking Moves To China, Part II on @SeaChangeRadio w/ @jaeahjlee + @jameswest2010 of @MotherJones + @ClimateDesk

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014 - 10:25am

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Last week on Sea Change Radio, we learned about the new shale gas boom in China. This week, in the second part of my discussion with Jaeah Lee and James West of Mother Jones, we examine the larger questions that surround this shift in Chinese energy policy. Can natural gas be a bridge fuel as the industrial giant weans itself off coal? Will there be enough water to extract China’s significant shale deposits? Will shale gas exploration further divide urban and rural China, or could it help to close the country’s income gap?

West and Lee provide some answers to these complex questions, and also discuss the implications of Chinese investments into the U.S. natural gas sector. Will this big business alliance be good for consumers on either side of the Pacific? Find out on this week’s Sea Change Radio.

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