Food Waste Pioneers: David Rodriguez + Jonathan Bloom

Food Waste Pioneers: David Rodriguez + Jonathan Bloom

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On @SeaChangeRadio - Intvw w/David Rodriguez of @FoodforAll_us on his app to reduce restaurant waste

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David Rodriguez

Thursday, November 17, 2016 - 9:00am

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Five years ago, when we first started covering the food waste issue, America was throwing away enough food to fill the Rose Bowl every day. And, unfortunately, not much has happened to change that statistic. But this week on Sea Change Radio, we talk to someone who’s doing his best to change the status quo. First, we dig into the archives from 2011 as food waste expert, blogger and author of American Wasteland, Jonathan Bloom, gives us some perspective on the amount of food we waste from field to fridge in this country. Then, we hear from David Rodriguez, a Mexican immigrant turned Boston-based entrepreneur, who tells us about his startup company Food For All, a mobile app that allows diners a chance to purchase leftover food from restaurants at a steep discount.

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