Facebook for Kids: Is It That Alarming?

Facebook for Kids: Is It That Alarming?

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012 - 5:50pm


By Lynette Owens

Wall Street Journal article this week has stirred again a discussion about Facebook allowing those under 13 to use its site.  Mark Zuckerberg once addressed it in public, when asked about it. 

It strikes me as odd as Facebook’s stock continues its slide that such a story would be resurrected, and wonder if the opposite were true, we might never have heard of this again – until perhaps Facebook actually had opened its doors to those under 13.  The supposition is that Facebook needs more users to prop up its stock.

But besides the suspicious timing of this story, I still wonder why an arbitrary age set by the laws of 1 country that compromises only some of the 900 million Facebook users worldwide creates panic among some of us.

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