Eugenie's Story

Eugenie's Story

Monday, August 24, 2020 - 8:30am

CONTENT: Multimedia with summary

Imagine being in labor and having to walk three hours to a health center in Rwanda in order to give birth. Pregnant with her sixth child, that was Eugenie’s story; only it didn’t end there. She didn’t make it to the health center and ended up giving birth on the side of the road. She then gathered her strength to finish the journey with her newborn in tow. A few years later, pregnant with her seventh child, Eugenie’s experience was much different because of the new health post that is only a short walk away from her home.

The health post is thanks to a collaboration between the Rwandan Ministry of Health, the non-profit organization, the Society for Family Health Rwanda (SFH Rwanda), and Abbott with the goal of expanding access to primary care and testing in rural areas of Rwanda.

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