Employee Volunteering – What’s It Worth to An Organization?

Employee Volunteering – What’s It Worth to An Organization?

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Workplace #volunteering boosts #EmployeeEngagement, delivers multiple benefits to employers & more. Read: http://wp.me/p4lIEc-2T

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Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 2:00pm

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A recent blog by Charities@Work made a clear case that workplace volunteering boosts employee engagement and retention, saves money and delivers multiple benefits to the employer.

Here’s how:

Workplace Volunteering Improves Employee Engagement

An article in About.com listed the top 10 reasons behind employee resignation - things like poor relationships with managers and co-workers, repetitive work, an unchallenging work environment with few professional growth opportunities, lack of meaningful work, an organization’s financial stability, overall corporate culture and lack of management recognition for jobs well done. Each of these top 10 reasons can be reversed through workplace volunteering and giving programs that allow employees of all levels to leave office hierarchies behind and work equally towards achieving common goals outside the workplace; this in turn leads to shared experiences and deeper bonding, with positive spillover effects in the office. In a survey, 64% said volunteering strengthened relationships with work colleagues. Click here to read more.