The Economics of Living Green

The Economics of Living Green

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Friday, April 30, 2010 - 10:30am


Sustainability has historically been discussed as an important economic, political, and social issue.  The traditional economic conversations have been primarily discussed on a grand scale, with individual impacts raised up to only a broad social level.  However, global consumer eco awareness and shifts in preferences have given the individual a bigger role in the conversation. 

The concept of personal sustainability has made its way into the discussion with growing consumer demand and an exploding market for alternative products and services.  The market response to this bottom up movement has added a new twist to the sustainability conversation.
In addition, the current economic climate has raised some questions about the consumer economics of sustainability.  For many individuals and families, the cost of continuing to ‘go green’ has become a real concern.  This economic uncertainty has raised some concerns about the impacts to the supply and demand for sustainable options.  As a personal consultant, I work with the questions daily:
•    Will the supply of sustainable options continue to be strong?
•    Will price increases for sustainable options slow consumer demand?
•    Will the decrease in disposable income slow consumer spending for sustainable goods?
•    Will the availability of alternatives decrease with a slowing consumer demand?
•    Will we still afford to make the changes in our life?
In a recent post, Is Green is Here to Stay, we discussed the future of ‘green’ in business and daily living.

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