Eco Recourses to Gear Up for Bike to Work Week 2010

Eco Recourses to Gear Up for Bike to Work Week 2010

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Thursday, May 20, 2010 - 10:41am

CAMPAIGN: Pedal Power! May is National Bike Month


Did you know that 70-100 bicycles can be built with the resources required to build one car?  This week, May 17-21 is National Bike to work week.  For those flexing your sustainability muscles, celebrate the week by encouraging others to commute by bike.   At Taiga Company, we’re encouraging our clients to embrace cycling as part of a sustainable lifestyle and for workers and to view bike commuting as a sustainability concept contributing to a business' sustainability plan. 

So, gear up and get riding!  Here are resources to help you on your way.   Organizations to help get you started: 

Click here for a long list of eco recources for bike month. 

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