Earth Day Career Special: An Interview with Jeffrey Hollender - A blog by Aman Singh

Earth Day Career Special: An Interview with Jeffrey Hollender - A blog by Aman Singh

Aman Singh is the CSR Editor at, where she focuses on how corporate diversity practices and sustainability translate into recruitment and strategic development. Her blog, In Good Company, discusses on many of these issues.
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Earth Day Career Special: An Interview with Jeffrey Hollender - a blog by @vaultcsr


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Thursday, April 22, 2010 - 12:05pm


Today we're celebrating two triumphs. One, of course, is Earth Day's 40th anniversary. And to commemorate the day, here is the final chapter of the lineup we prepared leading to today. To refresh, last week, I discussed why this year Earth Day is important for your career beyond just recycling.

And I left you with a thought: This year, as we go about our day on April 22, 2010, think about two key game changers, which will soon envelope our lives. 1) That sustainability and the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet, Profit) as a way of thinking, whether you are strategizing new products and services, or making decisions of what company to work in, is inevitable to pervade our career life; and 2) The green job market, while requiring technical skills for some very specific jobs, remains accessible to all professional backgrounds and skill sets.

I also spoke to the Chief Sustainability Officer at EMC, Kathrin Winkler who discussed her challenges, how she satisfies her skeptics and her mission & vision for the technology giant, as well as the broad spectrum of Corporate Sustainability. I then expanded the dialogue to Lavinia Weissman, a thought leader on sustainability and a leadership coach, who discussed her view of Kathrin Winkler as a leader, and offered the academic perspective to practicing CSR.

Late last week, I reviewed Jeffrey Hollender's latest book, The Responsibility Revolution, where I asked: Are you a Willing Outlier in a Changing Corporate Consciousness? And now, finally, culminating the lineup, is my chat with the author himself. We touched on a broad palette of questions, including his latest book, Seventh Generation, the company he founded based on responsible business practices at a time when no one cared or knew what that even meant, CSR as an academic field of study and his vision for the movement. Below are some of the highlights from our discussion

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