Do Republicans Hate Small Business? - A blog by Monika Mitchell

Do Republicans Hate Small Business? - A blog by Monika Mitchell

Monika Mitchell - Executive Director, Good Business International
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Do Republicans Hate Small Business?


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Thursday, August 5, 2010 - 6:58pm


Often politics and business mix in a big way. Small Business America is no exception. Access to credit for small business, sole proprietors and entrepreneurs in the United States is in dire straits according to every walking & talking politician out there from the Big O to the Fed Chief to elected officials from both political parties. Yet nowhere is any real and effective help forthcoming.

The recent Small Business Jobs and Credit Act was shot down with filibuster assault rifles by the entire Republican Senate. The act included tax incentives and federal lending guarantees. Even one of the authors of the small business bill Olympia Snowe, the moderate Republican Senator from Maine, voted “No.”

Guys and Gals, while you are fighting amongst yourselves for power and privilege, Small Business America is sinking like the Titanic!

Why did the Senate torpedo such hopeful help for the nation’s entrepreneurs? Because according to opponents, it’s a mini-TARP. “It has all the quality and features of the TARP program, ” said Snowe.

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