The Dangerous Debt Ceiling Dance

The Dangerous Debt Ceiling Dance

The Politics of Economics and more tall tales...


This past week, the words of founding father, Thomas Jefferson came to mind: “The credit and fate of the nation seems to hang on the desperate throes and plunges of gambling scoundrels.” That was 1792 and over two centuries later, we are still held hostage to the throes and plunges of scoundrels. Shocking as it may be to contemplate, America has been levered up since its inception. Somehow we have become the world’s greatest economic power despite this. Alexander Hamilton believed that debt was actually good for the nation and banked our future on it.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011 - 10:45am


Hallelujah! Salvation is here. Or so we are supposed to believe. The 3 Ring Circus that is two branches of Congress and the Administration is finally close to an accord on debt mania madness. What a surprise. Not

We all knew this would happen—very simply because it had to. First and foremost, if the debt ceiling was not raised, 100 senators and 435 congressional reps would be on the unemployment lines with the rest of America. (Not a bad thought). So to save their jobs and to save face, the government by the self-serving, for the self-serving, of the self-serving finally got something productive done and stopped pushing the world’s largest economy to its knees.

The question was how much peacock posturing between politicians would we have to endure to get here? It was high drama in DC this past month with the Tribe of Orange (Boehner) and the Tribe of Peely Wally (Reid) going head to head in the battle of bungling economics. There is simply no excuse for the dangerous debt ceiling dance these power plays forced the nation and the world to endure. My thoughts? Get yourself a Reality TV Show and save us some precious time and money. We could call it: Pork and Politics.


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