Creating Jobs and Economic Growth for Canadians

Creating Jobs and Economic Growth for Canadians

Chamber of Commerce recognizes TransCanada’s contributions to the communities of Sherwood Park and Strathcona County.
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Creating jobs for Canadians. Strathcona County and Sherwood Park value benefits of pipeline construction.

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Honoured: Kristen Monzingo of TransCanada Community Relations accepts the 2015 Investment: Job Creation, Growth & Expansion award from Gerald Gabinet, director of Economic Development & Tourism for Strathcona County (left), and Tyler Westover, Strathcona County manager of Industrial Development.

Community recognition: With 800 kilometres of liquids pipelines in development and under construction in the area of Strathcona County near Edmonton, Alta., TransCanada was recently recognized by the County's Chamber of Commerce for economic benefits brought to the community.

Thursday, February 4, 2016 - 3:15pm


TransCanada recognized for job creation and economic development

Gerald Gabinet understands the value of business investment in his community. As Strathcona County’s Chamber of Commerce Director of Economic Development & Tourism, Gabinet appreciates how companies energize communities with much-needed jobs and infuse local businesses and governments with economic benefits that contribute to local needs, such as infrastructure, roads and schools.

Gabinet is witnessing TransCanada's injection of valuable jobs and $1 billion in investments in his northern Alberta community, as the energy infrastructure specialists launch three new projects to expand Alberta’s oil storage and distribution network.

TransCanada is in the habit of putting people to work and generating much-needed economic benefits in communities across North America.

With 800 kilometres of liquids pipelines in development and under construction in the area of Strathcona County, TransCanada’s contributions have not gone unnoticed by the Strathcona Chamber of Commerce. Gabinet nominated the company — the eventual winner — for the Chamber’s ‘2015 Investment: Job Creation, Growth & Expansion award’.

TransCanada construction projects create jobs, lots of jobs

TransCanada expects to create thousands of jobs across North America in 2016 and 2017 — and communities such as Strathcona County think that’s a very good thing.

“We are pleased that TransCanada has chosen to invest in Strathcona County’s portion of the Alberta Industrial Heartland,” said Gabinet. “It’s estimated the three projects will generate 400 to 500 construction jobs and up to 50 full-time jobs.”

Becoming part of Strathcona County community

The Heartland, incorporating 582 square kilometres (225 square miles) northeast of Edmonton, is a prime location for chemical, petrochemical, oil, and gas investment. It is also Canada's largest hydrocarbon processing region.

“It’s about having the social license to operate and TransCanada has proven itself to be part of our community through their hard work."
— Strathcona County’s Chamber of Commerce Director of Economic Development & Tourism, Gerald Gabinet

While the award reflects the economic growth TransCanada has generated in this part of Canada, Gabinet also points to the way in which the company has become an integral part of the community.

“We have worked with many companies looking to invest in Strathcona County,” said Gabinet. “We always want to ensure that the companies looking to invest here have the ability to connect with — and become part of — our business community.

Gabinet cites the example of TransCanada’s Community Relations Representative Kristen Monzingo, who has literally become part of the Chamber of Commerce family.

“She exemplifies values that speak to job commitment, initiative, cooperation and customer service orientation.”
— Gerald Gabinet, on TransCanada's Communty Relations Representative, Kristen Monzingo

“Kristen is almost always present for our Chamber meetings held every third Wednesday,” he said. “When she isn’t there, people want to know where she is.

$13 billion of small- to medium-sized energy projects invigorating economies

Elsewhere — at a time of uncertainty in the Canadian economy — TransCanada’s $13 billion portfolio of small- to medium-sized energy infrastructure projects, most of them scheduled for completion by the end of 2017, are creating similar benefits for other Canadian communities.

Bringing thousands of jobs to other North American communities

Examples include thousands of additional jobs created across northern Alberta and B.C. in conjunction with natural gas pipeline expansions and upgrades on the NGTL System. Also additional natural gas pipeline projects related to the Canadian Mainline will create hundreds of jobs in the Toronto area and current construction on the Napanee Generating Station, a new natural gas-fired power project in the Napanee area of Ontario, has created work for upwards of 750 people.

Beyond 2017, TransCanada’s overall $46-billion capital program — largely comprised of a diversified mix of natural gas and liquids pipeline projects across Canada — are expected to generate thousands of additional community benefits across the country.

For example, the Conference Board of Canada predicts that TransCanada’s proposed Energy East Pipeline project would create 14,000 direct and indirect jobs a year during its nine-year construction phase and more than 3,300 direct and indirect jobs a year for the first 20 years of operation — putting Canadians to work from west to east.

Besides job creation, TransCanada’s energy infrastructure projects provide tax dollars to local communities used to build roads, schools and hospitals, as well as providing support for local businesses such as restaurants and hotels due to increased spending by TransCanada workers and contractors living in the community.