Connecting the Dots - Working the Big Picture - Part Two

Connecting the Dots - Working the Big Picture - Part Two

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Connecting the Dots - Working the Big Picture - Part Two #sustainability @globalgreencon
Friday, March 5, 2010 - 10:40am


Continuing with the recap started in my previous post, the engagement shifted into execution mode. A true myriad of tasks ranging from data gathering, reformatting and uploading to project planning for GRI reporting, to overall engagement management. In hindsight, the data component was not particularly difficult to contend with once we understood the connection between consumption types, units of measure, emission factors, and output unit type. The approach was generally the same for each consumption type or activity. Ensuring alignment between what units the data was available in, what the relevant emission factor appropriate for that consumption and unit type, and output units desired was a challenging aspect. Obtaining current and accurate emission factors for the breadth of consumptions was a challenge. They do not simply exist in an easily accessible manner. One has to do a fair amount to research them and then once deemed correct figure out how to properly represent that factor for the consumption units of interest. Again, it would seem this would be straightforward but proved otherwise. Should anyone know of a comprehensive, complete, international source for major consumption types for the many suppliers involved, along with their representation across different units, by all means, please let us know!

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