A Coffee Cup Free Zone

A Coffee Cup Free Zone

FPT Industrial employees at its facility in Betim were given a ‘sustainable’ cup kit

A touch of magic was used to inspire employees into using their sustainable cups and ditching single use examples

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.@CNHIndustrial brand @FPTIndustrial is cutting cups to landfill by promoting a reusable cup initiative at its facility it Betim, Brazil. http://bit.ly/2ZcUJNb
Friday, August 23, 2019 - 2:00pm

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FPT Industrial, the global powertrain brand of CNH Industrial N.V. (NYSE:CNHI / MI:CNHI) is driving down waste at its facility in Betim, Minas Gerais State in North Eastern Brazil, by eliminating single use cups.

All 120 employees at the location’s state of the art technical center received a ‘zero-waste cup kit’ consisting of both reusable plastic and porcelain cups. Every day, this is expected to eliminate 190 cups, which might not sound much, but multiplied over the course of the year, it amounts to nearly 50,000. 

This small step forms part of the brand’s wider sustainability initiatives which encompass all areas of its business, from making the very largest power generators more efficient, to community projects aimed at reducing the levels of plastic in our oceans and improving green spaces.