Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Deploys NetSuite to Strengthen Social Impact

Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines Deploys NetSuite to Strengthen Social Impact

Friday, February 13, 2015 - 4:15pm


The list of accomplishments for Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines is long and impressive. Founded in 1987, the nonprofit organization has helped improve the well-being of hundreds of thousands of Filipino with programs for education, clean water, economic opportunity, youth empowerment and disaster relief projects.

For instance, its Agos Project has installed clean water systems in 60 communities, benefiting 47,000 individuals since the program’s launch in 2011. Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines supplied nearly 18,000 cases of distilled drinking water to more than 53,000 families affected by disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes and fires in 2012.

The group’s Little Red Schoolhouse Project has built 114 schoolhouses for elementary education in rural communities, impacting hundreds of thousands of young Filipinos, while distribution of Coca-Cola’s vitamin-fortified NutriJuice has helped improve the health of hundreds of thousands of youngsters.

Now the organization, supported by the global Coca-Cola Company and 300 other donors, is poised to do even more. Adoption of NetSuite’s cloud business management solution in June 2014 is giving Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines new capabilities in financial and project management to further strengthen its social impact.

Upgrading from QuickBooks, the nonprofit’s small staff has greater efficiency and visibility with NetSuite and can route more time and energy into social programs. Moreover, a grant from the corporate citizenship program helps preserve limited resources so that Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines can “do good better.”

“NetSuite is helping us operate more efficiently so that we can put our time and energy into making a meaningful difference in the lives of underprivileged Filipinos,” said Cecilia Alcantara, President at Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines. “Using NetSuite, we are able to significantly preserve resources for our projects, and the new software gives us the ability to clearly present the value of our work and the donations we receive to our stakeholders.”

The nonprofit estimates it will save 2.5 million Philippine pesos in training and software licensing costs as a grantee. Already, NetSuite financial dashboards are saving two days two days of work a week, while project management dashboards are saving two weeks of work a month.

SuiteVolunteers, a program that provides grantees with pro bono services from NetSuite employees, has been key to that success. A three-person SuiteVolunteers team had NetSuite implemented in just two months. On top of that, the volunteers are customizing the software to provide a unified view across projects, beneficiaries, donors and vendors that supply project-related goods and services.

That helps Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines improve its transparency and accountability to donor organizations and other stakeholders. It means the nonprofit can make more informed, data-driven decisions on the most beneficial projects, and adjust as needed based on real-time views of budgets, costs, status and more.

Ultimately, it means Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines can strengthen and expand its social impact. At NetSuite, we’re gratified to see such a worthwhile organization succeed with our cloud software, and we’re honored to be able to support their good works through our corporate citizenship program.

Posted by James Dantow, SVP for Worldwide Support and GM for the Philippines