Cherishing Memories, Building New Ones

Cherishing Memories, Building New Ones

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Friendly Community Center Receives $30,000 from Sanofi Pasteur sponsored Pocono Mountains Community Fundraiser
Wednesday, December 21, 2016 - 9:55am

CAMPAIGN: Sanofi Pasteur

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Six years ago, 77-year-old Mason Linn noticed a change in his wife Yvonne’s behavior. She began doing things like putting the car in reverse instead of drive. Soon after, she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Once Mason became Yvonne’s full-time caregiver, he wanted to find a safe, understanding environment that she could visit and enjoy activities outside of their home. Luckily, The Friendly Community Center’s “Making Memories” program for Monroe County residents with dementia was right around the corner.

“At The Friendly Community Center, the staff is absolutely wonderful to my Yvonne,” said Mason with a soft smile. “They are aware of her condition, and they will come over and hug her and wish her well when we leave.”

“Most importantly, it’s also become a place where my wife has found a sense of comfort and dignity. I enjoy my 

time there as well, as I am now connected with a support group for other caregivers.”

The Friendly Community Center received $30,000 from the 2016 Pocono Mountains Community Fundraiser.

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