Celebrating World Water Week: #3BLwater Recap

Celebrating World Water Week: #3BLwater Recap

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Monday, September 7, 2015 - 11:00am

Today kicks off #3BLwater http://bit.ly/1HCAd2U  JOIN US ALL WEEK as we share stories, news and ask questions. Celebrate #WWWeek@3BLMedia

For the past 25 years, over 200 organizations have been gathering in Stockholm, Sweden at World Water Week, to discuss water and development issues. Here at 3BL Media, instead of being bummed that we weren’t headed to #WWWeek, we decided to make the most of it from this side of the Atlantic. Water is a HOT topic amongst our clients, bloggers and affiliates.  We wanted to celebrate in our own way along with highlight some of the great content coming out of the Stockholm event. #3BLwater was a live one-week hashtag series from August 23 through 28th.

@3BLMedia: Learn about @siwi_water http://bit.ly/1f6gCBm  Creators of #WWWweek for 25 years! #3BLwater  (tweet)

@3BLMedia: Day 1: #3BLwater series!Today we will focus on #SRI but feel free to talk about anything related to water as we celebrate #WWWeek (tweet)

@ethicalp: It’s time for companies to look beyond their own operations and consider the wider impact of business http://bit.ly/1HHkKi5  #SRI #3BLwater (tweet)

With so many various discussion points regarding water, we themed up each day of the conversation to focus on several issues including: sustainable investing, technology, health, conversation and empowerment of women and children. Our entire group jumped in on the event – Justmeans, CSRwire, Ethical Performance and SocialEarth.

@SocialEarth: Impact investors should hold their breath as traders asked to target water http://bit.ly/1DNHRwl  via @returnonimpact #SocEnt #SRI #3BLwater (tweet)

@CSRwire: In light of California's water-usage mandate, @Kohler encourages consumers to take conservation action http://bit.ly/1NHcJxw  #3BLwater (tweet)

@Justmeans: Conserving and managing water can boost your bottom line http://bit.ly/1Utmh4H  Blog by Vikas Vij on @Justmeans #conservation #3BLwater (tweet)

Each day we asked the audience a variety of different questions to learn more about their water efforts and well as what issues surrounding water are the most important to them.

@TeacherSource: World Water Week: #water is the key to development http://bit.ly/eiwwdev  #3BLwater #scichat #WWWeek @DeutscheWelle (tweet)

@StephenRAtDell: Water, energy and food are inextricably linked - #circulareconomy gets, that - linear does not. #3BLwater (tweet)

@ReachScale: Costa Rica beats its record: 100% #cleanenergy for 94 straight days http://ow.ly/Rk0zG  #wwweek #3blwater @ScaleEvangelist (tweet)

#3BLwater was also a perfect excuse to celebrate the achievements of our clients in relation to water. Many are working very hard on conservation efforts with wastewater recycling or other arenas such as improving health with clean water programs.

Ecolab: We're joining @3BLMedia #3BLwater chat about #water for #WWWeek. #Everyday we help our customers do more using less http://bit.ly/1hmZNnW  (tweet)

@dreamtob: https://goo.gl/b7FkTW  BOMBAY SAPPHIRE got the #sustainability wheels turning Uses #water turbine for clean energy #3BLwater … (tweet)

@global_water: Exciting update from @CocaColaCo - they will replenish 100% of the water they use by the end of 2015! #3BLwater http://ow.ly/RovJS  (tweet)

Let’s not forget what inspired #3BLwater in the first place, World Water Week! Complete with it’s own hashtags of #WWWeek, attendees of this weeklong conference, were very active on Twitter – sharing exciting news, expressing opinions and networking with other event attendees.

@wateraid: A #WaterWednesday shout to all working towards a better #water world at Stockholm #WWWeek! http://www.wateraid.org/ppa  (tweet)

@FAOKnowledge: #DYK Water use has been growing at more than 2x rate of population increase? http://bit.ly/1NAM75M  #wwweek #post2015 (tweet)

@PeggyatKC: The secret life of drinking water #infographic @mairicnn @george_cnn @eskimomatt h/t @eric_reading #wwweek #3blwater http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/road-to-rio/secret-life-drinking-water/ … (tweet)

@the_IDB: Ranking the World’s Most Water-Stressed Countries in 2040 http://ow.ly/RoXS2  via @WorldResources #wwweek  (tweet)

@hm: We’re proud to be a part of #WaterforDevelopment! Learn more at: http://hm.info/10a67  #HMConscious #WWWeek (tweet)

It was a great conversation all about water – something that so many of us take for granted. Thanks to everyone who helped celebrate Stockholm’s World Water Week (#WWWeek) from afar with us and #3BLwater!