Case Study: Unlocking Value of the SASB Standards

Case Study: Unlocking Value of the SASB Standards

Thursday, January 21, 2016 - 4:00pm

CAMPAIGN: Bloomberg: Sustainable Finance

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Bloomberg L.P. (“Bloomberg”) was the first company to disclose sustainability data using the provisional SASB standards. As a private company, Bloomberg has no public shareholders but chose to report SASB standards as a means to increase transparency and encourage other companies to do the same. As part of its 2014 Impact Report, Bloomberg reported SASB metrics for the Technology & Communications and Services sectors it considered material to its business.

Using the SICS™ look-up tool available on the Standards Navigator, Bloomberg looked up the sector and industries of three public company competitors. After reviewing the guidance at the beginning of each of the standards and the indicators for each of the sectors, Bloomberg identified the industries (Internet Media & Services, Media Production & Distribution, and Professional Services) most applicable to its business given the company’s hybrid nature.

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