Carnival Corporation Honored With New Economy Award

Carnival Corporation Honored With New Economy Award

Carnival Corporation Received Clean Tech Award For Best Marine Solutions
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.@CarnivalPLC Received Clean Tech Award For Best Marine Solutions #CleanTech
Monday, February 2, 2015 - 11:35am

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LONDON, ENGLAND, February 2, 2015 /3BL Media/ – In an economy characterized by unrelenting and rapid change, innovation is critical for the survival of any individual or company. 2014 has been no exception. In recent months we've seen any number of big ideas change the global economy for the better. In The New Economy Awards 2014, we take a look at the biggest achievers of the past year: the firms and individuals that have redefined what it means to do business.

The New Economy Awards 2014 represent only the highest achievers in each of their respective fields, and while the winners span a variety of different sectors, each one has played a key part in today's ever-evolving global economy. By looking at R&D, strategy, leadership, diversity, sustainability and a range of desirable qualities, The New Economy research body has decided which firms and individuals are deserving of distinction.

Looking at the advances made over the past year, it becomes clear today's world is much changed from that of 2013 - and that is in large part due to the winners of 2014's The New Economy Awards. By focusing on what it takes to thrive, and what sacrifices must be made to stay ahead of the competition, The New Economy Awards offer an insight into the inner workings of the global economy.

To see the winners of this year's awards including Carnival Corporation's Clean Tech Award for Best Marine Solutions, take a look at the new issue of The New Economy, available in print, on tablets and online now.

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