SAI Tools for Continual Improvement

SAI Tools for Continual Improvement

Depending on what role you play in the supply chain, SAI provides general and specialized courses and tools to fit your needs.  Some courses are tiered and build upon previous levels, further enhancing your scope and capabilities.

SAI has provided standard and customized training to executives from numerous industries since 1997, including telecommunications, transportation, automotive, apparel, footwear, agriculture, electronic assembly and light manufacturing. SAI has also partnered to develop and deliver training courses.

SAI's established and custom training courses are open to social auditors, buyers, suppliers and corporate compliance managers. Our training is designed to encourage proficiency in social compliance issues and emphasize the implementation of management systems.  Participants are armed with tools they can bring back to their jobs for ongoing progress.

Below are a sampling of training options to help promote continual improvement in your supply chain: 

  • Auditor Training
    Designed to encourage proficiency in social compliance issues and emphasize the implementation of management systems. Learn about a management-system approach to social compliance auditing and supply chain management.
  • Professional Development Series
    Continual Learning and improvement with SAI's customized 'Professional Development Series.' Previous seminars/topics include: CSR Awareness Seminars; Management Systems for Social Performance; Building Internal Social Performance Teams; Control of Sub-Contractors; Overtime & Wages; Freedom of Association.   
  • Implementing the UN Guiding Principles 
    SAI & ICCO have developed a handbook and toolkit to help businesses implement the UN Guiding Principles for Business & Human Rights.  
  • Custom Training
    Whether you are a brand that is looking to expand your control of sub-contractors or a supplier that is interested in accelerating your compliance in freedom of association standards, SAI's Custom Training can be modeled to fit your specific goals.   

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SA8000 Management Systems a Tool for Social Life Cycle Assessment
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Pre-Subscribe Now: Handbook on UN Guiding Principles
SAI and the Netherlands-based Interchurch Organisation for Development Cooperation (ICCO) are pleased to announce that, due to high interest, its joint Handbook and Toolkit is now available for pre-subscription. It is scheduled to be published electronically July 1, 2012 and available for $50. Pre-subscribers will receive a 10% discount....
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