Carbon Neutrality and 100% Renewable Energy

Carbon Neutrality and 100% Renewable Energy

VMware has set a goal to achieve carbon neutral emissions by 2020, and to advance its commitment to use 100 percent renewable energy. As a global technology company, VMware is committed to operating its business in a responsible and sustainable manner. With a legacy of social responsibility, VMware’s Corporate Sustainability efforts focus on the net-positive impact of its industry-leading virtualization technology in the data center as well as reducing the company’s operational carbon footprint and increasing investments in renewable energy.

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Think Holistically About Sustainability — It’s Much More Than Climate
While many people think sustainability is about green policies, that is only part of the story, says VMware Vice President, Sustainability Strategy Nicola Acutt.  “Our view is holistic and inclusive of sustainability for people and the planet.” Indeed, Acutt says VMware frames its definition of sustainability around three ideas: people, planet and product. “For us, sustainability...
May 7, 2020 4:55 PM ET
Putting Down Roots: Businesses Act on Reforestation
Each year, the Earth Day Network calls on people around the world to act for the environment. For Earth Day 2020—the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the nonprofit’s theme is climate action. Technology plays an increasingly important role in climate action, especially as this year’s Earth Day...
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Trees, a Remarkable Innovation, the Unsung Heroes of Mitigating Climate Change
When you really think about it, trees are an amazing innovation. Trees: Clean the air we breathe. Filter the water we drink. Provide habitat to more than 80 percent of the world’s plants and animals.  Forests provide jobs to more than 1.6 billion people, and they serve a critical function for humanity: they absorb carbon from the atmosphere. ...
Mar 18, 2020 1:25 PM ET
Natural Capital Partners Adds VMware Case Study to CarbonNeutral Protocol
VMware's carbon neutrality milestone has been featured as a case study in the recently released Natural Capital Partners' CarbonNeutral Protocol for 2019. The protocol serves as a guideline for businesses looking to achieve CarbonNeutrall® certification. In 2016, VMware outlined its global impact vision, VMware 2020, committing to become carbon neutral...
Oct 21, 2019 1:30 PM ET
VMware Joins Climate Group's EV100, Adopting Increased Electric Vehicle Operations by 2030
We’re proud to join The Climate Group’s EV100 initiative, committing to support the uptake of electric vehicles by our employees over the next decade. Read more about this commitment in The Climate Group's full press release here.
Oct 1, 2019 12:00 PM ET