CBRE Health and Safety

CBRE Health and Safety

CBRE is proud of the health and safety culture we have grown through years of commitment by our employees.

We continue to place a strong focus on our performance in health and safety outcomes and process improvements. Through acquisitions and organic business development, CBRE has significantly expanded its health and safety process and has grown the number of health and safety professionals globally. The consolidation of these talented professionals and the blending of combined program strengths and best practices produces a more capable network of health and safety support for the company and our clients and provides our employees with an even better and safer work environment and culture.

Learn more about our health and safety goals and accomplishments in our 2014 Corporate Responsibility Report.

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At outdoor gear company Patagonia, employees have been known to cut out of work to go surfing. Another very well-known tech giant scatters its campus with athletics fields to keep people moving. And at health care provider Kaiser Permanente, workers can use a bike-share program to move about the company’s campus or clear their heads with a trail ride. In other words, if you’re looking...
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Let There Be Light? Light Pollution’s Impact on the Built Environment
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CBRE Partners with Plan International on Ambitious Safer Cities Initiative
To celebrate International Women’s Day, CBRE is proud to announce an extension to its partnership with children’s charity, Plan International, to bring the charity’s ‘Safer Cities’ programme to Nairobi in Kenya. About Safer CitiesEvery year, over 20 million girls move to cities to find jobs and escape the abuse and early marriage often experienced in rural...
Mar 16, 2017 8:05 AM ET
Is Health the New Carbon?
Our built environment has a profound impact on our health, well-being, happiness and productivity. It can shape our habits and choices, regulate our sleep-wake cycle, drive us toward healthy and unhealthy choices, and passively influence our health through the quality of our surroundings. Health and wellbeing is described by experts as the next megatrend and is rapidly approaching, if...
Aug 10, 2016 8:40 AM ET