Amgen Biotech Experience

Amgen Biotech Experience

The Amgen Biotech Experience is an innovative science education program that provides teacher professional development, teaching materials, and professional research-grade lab equipment to middle and high schools. Each year, more than 60,000 students and hundreds of science teachers participate in the Amgen Biotech Experience to explore the methods scientists use to create biotechnology medicines. To date, the Foundation has committed over $13 million to provide hands-on molecular biology curricula to over 425,000 students across multiple U.S. states, Puerto Rico, U.K., and Ireland.

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Bringing Biotech Into Classrooms Through Amgen Biotech Experience
The Amgen Biotech Experience empowers teachers to bring biotechnology into their classrooms to spark students’ love of science. The program provides teacher professional development and features a hands-on curriculum that introduces students to the excitement of scientific discovery.  The Amgen Foundation seeks to...
May 6, 2015 11:30 AM ET
How To Get Involved in the Amgen Biotech Experience
How to Get Involved Educators The ABE program loans a kit of research-grade equipment and supplies and offers professional development to allow teachers to conduct the lab activities with their students. Find an ABE program site near you for professional development opportunities and access to this exciting program! You can also find upcoming...
Apr 23, 2015 9:10 AM ET
The Pioneers of the Amgen Biotech Experience
Though the Amgen Biotech Experience now reaches more than 60,000 students and hundreds of teachers each year, the program had humble beginnings. It all started with a group of scientists and teachers who had a passion for sharing their knowledge with students. In 1989, molecular biologist Bruce Wallace, Scientific Executive Director Steve Elliot (now retired), and others at Amgen...
Apr 9, 2015 10:30 AM ET