CSR and the Coming Talent Wars - A blog by Matthew Rochte

CSR and the Coming Talent Wars - A blog by Matthew Rochte

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010 - 8:36pm


Why do talented employees leave companies, often despite good salaries??

I keep hearing this question uttered by talent agents to news casters.  They are saying this because, despite the ugly job market, people are jumping ship.

Beyond the typical reasons of bad management, poor working environment, and lack of stimulus – I would say that the top talent are fundamentally looking for something else.

    * Engagement

    * Purpose

    * Meaning

    * Challenge

    * Leadership

    * Inspiration

They leave because of a lack of one, or more, or all of the above.

The X-Gens were chastised for wanting to have jobs that have meaning and purpose.  The Millennials believe in community and doing good.  Neither generation respond particularly well to money as incentive, beyond what is fair for the role they are playing. 

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