CSR Food For Thought: Will CVS Help You Quit Smoking?

CSR Food For Thought: Will CVS Help You Quit Smoking?

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Monday, December 22, 2014 - 9:20am

CVS Health Commits More Than $1 Million to Support Tobacco-Cessation Programs
In September, CVS Health stopped selling tobacco products. For a company providing health-related services and products, it made sense. At that time, they also changed their name from CVS Caremark Corporation to CVS Health. And now, they are taking their commitment to health even further by pledging over $1 million in grants to help people kick their tobacco habits. What a great example of CSR/ brand alignment! This article from Sustainable Brands explains where the money will go, and what it will do.

Global CEO’s Top 100 CSR Leaders
Global CEO issued a list of the top 100 corporate social responsibility leaders based on their Twitter influence. But obviously, a lot of Twitter followers does not a leader make. So, they want input from you. Vote for your favorite CSR leaders by December 26th.

Here’s the Right Way for Companies to Donate to Charity
Is corporate philanthropy (“companies donating money directly to charity”) on its way out? Not necessarily, says Paul Klein in this post for Canadian Business. While other means (such as employee engagement) might be more effective, corporate giving can still work if done strategically and creatively. In this post, you’ll find some example of companies doing this well.

Not Their Parents’ Activism: How Millennials are Using Digital to Take a Stand on Issues They Care About
“Promoting, discussing, and taking action around issues is part of Millennials’ DNA”, says Whitney Dailey in this CSRWire post. While certainly not true for everyone in this age group, understanding this frequently-found quality and how it manifests can help companies (and nonprofits) tailor their digital campaigns to Millennials.

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