The Business Sustainability Monday Morning Quarterback

The Business Sustainability Monday Morning Quarterback

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The #Business #Sustainability Monday Morning Quarterback by@TaigaCompany
Tuesday, April 27, 2010 - 11:33am


As any professional consultant knows, working with clients involves more than discussing business or even the topic at hand.  In fact, a large number of my daily interactions are on topics unrelated to sustainability concepts, or so it would seem. 

With the National Football League (NFL) Draft dominating the sports headlines this past week, many of my casual interactions over the past few days have converged on American football, specifically outsiders looking back on decisions made by teams on player choices that would either promote or hinder the success of the organization.  As a sustainability consultant, I observed these “Monday Morning Quarterbacks” (a new phrase I learned) and think about how this same perspective applies to sustainable business actions.
Our observation has been that many companies fail to take proactive or immediate action to respond to change.   The far too common approach role is the one of Sustainability Monday Morning Quarterback.  This shows up in business comments like: “We are going to see what happens and watch how others respond before taking our own action.”
In contrast, the business leaders and true innovators of today are anticipating and taking proactive steps to address change in the business world. 

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