Business Sustainability: The Key Players in your Organization

Business Sustainability: The Key Players in your Organization

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Business #Sustainability: The Key Players in your Organization by@TaigaCompany
Monday, April 12, 2010 - 4:39pm

Implementing business sustainability in today’s environment can be a delicate balance between planning for today and planning for the future.  While many organizations are taking more conservative action, leading businesses are reevaluating and retooling for the future

Now more than ever, companies are getting a true feel for their talent, leadership, and overall organizational chemistry.    Forward thinking businesses are looking for the right mix of talent to implement sustainability concepts that will propel their business into the future.  In my professional consulting experience, I have worked with various organizations in many different industries, and a few common key players consistently emerge.
It almost goes with out saying that executive management is critical to business.  Sustainability in any organization begins and ends with leadership, and like any great team, the team’s management plays an essential role in setting the overall direction for the players.  Many progressive companies are adding an executive sustainability position  to their organization.



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