Bloomberg View: Leadership Secrets of the Great CEOs

Bloomberg View: Leadership Secrets of the Great CEOs

Friday, December 12, 2014 - 6:00pm

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Last week we celebrated this magazine’s 85th birthday by looking back on the era’s most pioneering inventions. It was a terrific issue and a great credit to our award-winning staff, led by Josh Tyrangiel. This week, Bloomberg Businessweek is back to doing what it does best—looking ahead, by covering the people, companies, events, trends, and innovations that are reshaping our future.

Here at Bloomberg, it’s an exciting time to be looking ahead. I have never been more optimistic about the company’s future, thanks to the extraordinary job our leadership team has done since I left the company in 2001 to run for mayor of New York. Over the past 11 months, I’ve re-immersed myself in the company, while also looking outside of it—at what other successful companies are doing right and what we can learn from them.

In a few weeks, I will formally begin running Bloomberg again. The company’s core principles will not change, but any organization that fails to embrace change will be overtaken by it. There is no shortage of chief executive officers who have done extraordinary jobs taking already successful companies and leading them to new heights. In thinking about the leadership qualities that help make great companies even better, here are a few names that come to mind:

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