Beverage Companies Commit to Addressing Climate Change through Operations and Supply Chains

Beverage Companies Commit to Addressing Climate Change through Operations and Supply Chains

BIER Featured in Environmental Leader's 2015 Insider Knowledge Report
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BIER is featured in Environmental Leader's 2015 Insider Knowledge Report!

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Monday, September 21, 2015 - 10:05am

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Given the global beverage sector’s share of Global Greenhouse Gases (GHG) is estimated at 0.4%, climate change reduction and adaptation are crucial components for environmental sustainability strategies in the beverage industry. Climate change has significant ramifications for water and energy -- vital resources both within our direct operations, as well as within the broader production supply chain. Thus, a compelling business case can be made from the beverage sector to recognize and adapt to these environmental challenges.

A number of us, members of the Beverage Industry Environmental Roundtable (BIER), recognize the need for more focus on the issue of climate change, and have joined together to make a commitment addressing this important challenge. Through our collective action we:

  • Recognize climate change as one of the greatest challenges facing the continued prosperity of society, particularly to those in emerging markets;
  • Commit to continuing to do our part to reduce GHG emissions not only across our own operations, but also by driving action through their supply chains; and
  • Support an international framework of national GHG reduction targets and commitments to invest in adaptation.

Climate change is not only a carbon issue, but also a water issue, says Jamie MacKinnon, Molson Coors representative and BIER Climate Change and Energy group lead. The group is committed to reducing carbon emissions, along with focusing on responsible water use in their own operations and in supply chains.”

BIER’s Joint Commitment on Climate Change is available for download at:

This piece is an excerpt from the Environmental Leader 2015 Insider Knowledge Report. Download the full report here.


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