Best for the World 2016: Doing Good for the World and Your Wallet

Best for the World 2016: Doing Good for the World and Your Wallet

By Pamela Weymouth

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#BCorps are recognized at the #bestfortheworld16 event via @Justmeans
Wednesday, September 21, 2016 - 8:00am



Environmentalism and social activism are sometimes considered to be all doom and gloom, but the first annual Best for The World conference refused to comply with such stereotypes. The mood of the groundbreaking company leaders who gathered at UC Berkeley’s campus two weeks ago was celebratory, irreverent, and defiant. 

These B corporations, awarded “Best For The World” status by B The Change, have done the unthinkable: they’ve found a way to reap profits while remaining aligned with their core values. In a capitalist society where individualism is generally honored over community, that’s no small feat. The honored awardees, winners after going through a rigorous assessment process, have proven it’s possible to do well for the world, for your wallet, and for your soul.

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Pamela Alma Weymouth writes for, Justmeans, and Huffington Post. Her essays have been featured in the anthologies, Best Women's Travel Writing 09 and Mamas Write. She believes that wars could be ended if someone instituted a time-out for the bullies in question. She's at work on a book Surviving Twinland: The First Seven Years.