Barclays Concludes Four Year Citizenship Plan

Barclays Concludes Four Year Citizenship Plan

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Barclays met or exceeded 10 of 11 targets in 2012-2015 Citizenship Plan @Barclays_cship via @ReportAlert #CSR
Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - 2:00pm

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Barclays has published its annual Citizenship performance in the Barclays PLC Annual Report 2015. Fully integrated with Barclays’ Balanced Scorecard, the Citizenship Plan included 11 targets to deliver by the end of 2015. A performance summary is available below with more detailed information in the Citizenship Data Supplement 2015.
"I want Barclays to be a bank where our employees choose to work because they believe in the institution, and its intrinsically valuable role in society. This is a mind-set I want to reinvigorate in everyone at Barclays, from branch colleagues working on the high street in Manchester, to the M&A banker in New York." Jes Staley, Chief Executive
We are now preparing to launch the next chapter in our Citizenship ambitions, even more integrated and with a sharper focus on accelerating shared growth for our business and for society. This next evolution is deeply aligned with our strategy, geographical footprint and competitive strengths. We see exciting opportunities to partner across customers, clients, government, suppliers and NGOs to create new solutions that will deliver the greatest social impact and return for our business. The new strategy will be launched in 2016.
Barclays met or exceeded 10 of 11 targets set out in the 2012-2015 Citizenship Plan. Performance highlights in 2015 include:

  • Provided over 190,000 people with business advice and support through seminars, tools and workshops since 2012, exceeding the target of 120,000 attendees at SME support events by end of 2015.
  • Ensured 99% of employees attested to the Barclays Way code of conduct (target: 97%)
  • Reduced global carbon emissions by 37.3%, significantly exceeding the target of a 10% reduction by 2015 against a 2012 baseline.
  • Exceeded target to recruit 2,000 apprentices with a total of 2,263 apprentices at Barclays in the UK.  
  • Supported over 5.7 million young people in developing enterprise, employability and financial skills since 2012, exceeding our 5 Million Young Futures commitment and invested nearly £262m in the community against our cumulative target of £250m. 

Business lines across Barclays continued to develop innovative product solutions to increase access to financial services and provide capital to key social and environmental themes. We grew our Green Bond franchise, launched a series of accessibility initiatives across our UK branch network, and developed the first of its kind framework and profiling tool to help guide investors to deploy their wealth to impact investments and philanthropy in a suitable and structured way.

Download an infographic with an overview of progress against Barclays’ Citizenship goals
For detailed performance on the underlying 2015 Citizenship Plan metrics, please see the Citizenship Data Supplement 2015. More information on our 2015 programmes and a range of case studies is available on our website at
In addition, we also provide further disclosures aligned to the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines, in the Citizenship Data Supplement 2015 available at
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