Are You Among Sustainability’s Best-In-Class?

Are You Among Sustainability’s Best-In-Class?

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Are You Among #Sustainability’s Best-In-Class? by @TaigaCompany
Tuesday, May 4, 2010 - 10:46am


We often interact with clients and peers already implementing sustainability concepts into there core businesses.  These organizations speak of the value they are realizing in their own operations; however, they often ask how their performance compares to other businesses, especially in relation to the leaders in sustainability. 

In recent posts, we have discussed the steps, value drivers, and measures of business sustainability.  Implementing, managing and continuously monitoring a business sustainability plan places an organization in the top tier of sustainable companies.  Taking it to the next step, leading businesses are evaluating their efforts versus the best-in-class.  
The Aberdeen Group  recently used six key performance criteria to distinguish “Best-In-Class” sustainability companies.  The top performers saw significant reductions in cost, while also making strides to retain customers.  There research shows that leading business sustainability organizations are realizing:
•    9% reduction in carbon footprint
•    6% reduction in energy costs
•    7% reduction in facilities costs
•    10% reduction in paper costs
•    7% reduction in transportation/logistics costs
•    16% increase in customer retention
Managing a successful business sustainability plan in a continuous process that does not end with implementation.

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