Are Green Jobs the New High Value Career Track?

Are Green Jobs the New High Value Career Track?

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Are #Green #Jobs the New High Value Career Track? by@TaigaCompany
Monday, May 3, 2010 - 2:30pm


In our personal and professional consulting, we express to clients that pursing a ‘green’ career is a natural extension of living a sustainable lifestyle.   When you embrace eco awareness as a part of your daily life, it is natural to pursue the same in searching for a career.   Until recently, the future of the ‘green’ job market had been a little bit uncertain and not all that attractive financially.  Today’s green jobs are a whole different story. 

According to Reuters’ first Carbon Salary Survey, ‘green’ professionals are now receiving top tier salaries.  The survey reported: 

•    The average green collar worker receives $76,000 per year, with half of respondents receiving an annual bonus of $11,000.

•    The financial and legal sectors had the highest average salary at $116,000.

•    Green marketing, PR or media averaged $58,000.

According to GreenBiz, a new generation of workers are expecting more from employers. In some cases, companies have responded by promoting eco awareness and creating workplaces that are more appealing to the changing needs of job seekers.  
Today’s ‘green’ workers indicate that they feel well positioned in the current market.  Citing heightened response in the past few years from governments and businesses, of those polled: 

•    68 percent felt solid about their job security. 

•    75 percent said they were satisfied with their jobs.

•    93 percent said they would recommend a career in the environmental sector to others.

So what does it take to get on the ‘green’ career track

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