Alabama Companies Pursue Sustainability to Attract Millennial Workforce

Alabama Companies Pursue Sustainability to Attract Millennial Workforce

by Vikas Vij

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Monday, August 24, 2015 - 4:00pm



Millennials, who will account for 75 percent of the workforce in 2025, are not motivated solely by money, but by a desire to make the world more compassionate, innovative and sustainable. These are the findings of Deloitte’s 2015 Millennial Survey. While young college graduates are moving toward large metropolitan areas all across the country for employment, one of the notable exceptions is Birmingham, Ala., which is struggling to attract young workers.

Some of the leading companies in Alabama have recognized this challenge, and are making conscious efforts to attract and retain the next generation of young workers. One such effort is the move towards more sustainable business practices. Here are five major Alabama employers that have committed themselves to pursuing sustainability goals.

Royal Cup Coffee, Inc.

The company was founded in Birmingham over a century ago, and continues to thrive as an economic and philanthropic leader. To build a strong sustainability profile, Royal Cup has entered into strategic partnerships with the Rainforest Alliance, The Nature Conservatory, the Carbon Disclosure Project and Fair Trade USA. In 2014 alone Royal Cup increased its output of Fair Trade Coffee by 60 percent.

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Vikas is a staff writer for the Sustainable Development news and editorial section on Justmeans. He is an MBA with 20 years of managerial and entrepreneurial experience and global travel. He is the author of "The Power of Money" (Scholars, 2003), a book that presents a revolutionary monetary economic theory on poverty alleviation in the developing world. Vikas is also the official writer for an international social project for developing nations "Decisions for Life" run in collaboration between the ILO, the University of Amsterdam and the Indian Institute of Management.