Aimia Shares Data Expertise With Non-Profits

Aimia Shares Data Expertise With Non-Profits

by Antonio Pasolini
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Wednesday, June 15, 2016 - 8:00am



Data is a valuable tool to help non-profit organizations reach their goals. But mining and analysing huge amounts of data can be challenging and requires skilled professionals. But the effort pays off and the benefits can make the effort well worthwhile.

This is why Aimia, a global marketing and analytics company, has decided to share its expertise in the data sector and leverage its unique positioning to help other organizations tap the full potential of their data arsenal.

Aimia recently held its first-ever Global Week of Data Philanthropy, lending data analytics expertise to help local non-profits in London, Minneapolis, Toronto and Dubai. The company is no newcomer to data philanthropy for several years. But this is its first global effort, with 2,000 hours of skills-based volunteering to analyze more than 75 million rows of data.

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