Abbott's Green Efforts Are Boosting Business

Abbott's Green Efforts Are Boosting Business

Abbott’s 2020 Environmental Goals are ambitious – and they’re helping the planet while reducing costs around the globe
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Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 5:05pm

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At Abbott, sustainability isn’t a destination, but an ongoing journey. Abbott’s ambitious 2020 Environmental Goals drive its efforts around the globe. These goals – highlighted in the newly released 2016 Global Sustainability Report – help Abbott protect the planet while boosting efficiency and reducing costs.

One example of this work: in 2016, Abbott launched more than 130 environmental projects around the world to improve waste, water and energy efficiencies. These efforts also are delivering financial benefits to the business, with anticipated 2017 savings of more than 12 percent compared to the company’s 2016 environmental expenses. This is part of Abbott's global work to advance three environmental priorities. For each, the company has set ambitious goals for reducing its impact by 2020 (all compared to 2010 levels and adjusted for sales):

  • Reducing Carbon Emissions: A 40 percent decrease in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO₂e) emissions associated with Abbott’s business operations. Through 2016, Abbott reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 28 percent.
  • Conserving Water: A 30 percent reduction in total water intake. Abbott has reduced its water use by 18 percent through 2016.
  • Reducing Waste: A 50 percent reduction in total waste. By the end of 2016, Abbott reduced waste by 39 percent by reducing it at the source and identifying more opportunities for reuse.

Environmental performance is just one example of Abbott's broader approach to sustainability. The 2016 Global Sustainability Report provides a deeper look into activities across the company to help people live healthier, better lives and to build stronger communities. 

To learn more about Abbott's work to protect the environment while strengthening its business, click here.

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