3BL Media Best Practices Webinar, Oct. 28: ‘Coopetition’ in Sustainability

3BL Media Best Practices Webinar, Oct. 28: ‘Coopetition’ in Sustainability

Hotel Industry Sets Standards Around Energy, Water and Carbon Emissions
(Photo credit: Marriott International)

(Photo credit: Marriott International)

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3BL Media Best Practices Webinar: 

Behind Greener Hotel Rooms: Marriott Works With Peers on Sustainability Standards

Wednesday, Oct. 28, 10 a.m. EST

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Friday, October 2, 2015 - 9:00am

CAMPAIGN: Sustainability Communications Webinar Series

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One way companies are reacting to climate change is to reduce the impact of their employees’ business trips.

Rather than establishing its own standard to gauge the environmental friendliness of its 714,000+ hotel rooms, Marriott was one of the innovating hotel companies to invite its industry peers to jointly create a standard that business travelers could trust.

Denise Naguib, Marriott’s VP of Sustainability & Supplier Diversity, will speak about the company’s cross-industry initiative and look at the lodging giant’s environmental goals during a 3BL Media best practices webinar. 

She’ll be joined by Fran Hughes, Director of the London-based International Tourism Partnership, a non-profit member organization representing international hotel companies to provide a voice for environmental and social responsibility in the industry.

Also presenting on the webinar will be Eric Ricaurte, founder of the boutique consulting firm Greenview and co-author of a landmark Cornell University study to benchmark energy, water, and carbon across the hotel industry. Together, the presenters will discuss the newly launched online Hotel Footprinting Tool created by Greenview and the ITP to provide these standard metrics to all travelers.

The event, “Behind Greener Hotel Rooms: Marriott Works With Peers on Sustainability Standards,” will be held at 10 a.m. ET on Oct. 28, is free and open to the public.  A question and answer session will follow the presentation.

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“Corporate road warriors and environmentally conscious consumers want to know their homes away from home are truly sustainable properties,” said Dave Armon, CMO at 3BL Media, who will act as moderator during the webinar. “We asked Denise Naguib and industry experts Eric Ricaurte and Fran Hughes to tell this fascinating story about coopetition during our webinar because hotel operators chose to partner rather than compete to speed implementation of an industry-wide standard.”

A question-and-answer session will follow the presentation.

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