3 Things to Know for Fair Trade Month

3 Things to Know for Fair Trade Month

by Jenna Larson
Fair Trade producer in Peru

Fair Trade producer in Peru

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015 - 2:50pm

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October is a month full of months … and days. There’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Non-GMO Month, with National Kale Day, World Food Day, the International Day of Rural Women and, of course, National Cat Day, sprinkled throughout. There are a lot of things to celebrate in October, and in a way, Fair Trade Month connects them all. October is a month that shows how much people care — about other people, about living beings, about our food and about the planet. This too is the heart of Fair Trade.

Fair Trade Month is a time to spread the word about who and where our products come from. This means putting the spotlight on challenges like child labor in cocoa and slavery in seafood, and also celebrating the farms, factories, brands and retailers that are doing things differently.

As we dive into the second half of October, there are three important things to know about Fair Trade Month.

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