2014 Michelin Challenge Bibendum Launches Today in Chengdu, China

2014 Michelin Challenge Bibendum Launches Today in Chengdu, China

This year marks the 12th edition of the international event for sustainable mobility
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 12:00pm

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The Michelin Challenge Bidendum was started in 1998 by the Michelin Group with the support of many leaders of the road transportation industry. It was originally designed to promote clean, safe, connected and affordable mobility by bringing factual information to political and industrial decision-makers.

Year after year, gaining momentum, the Challenge built itself into a fully-fledged think and action tank. Involving users, manufacturers, suppliers, public and private operators, universities, energy suppliers, research institutes, political leaders, NGOs, it is now the only initiative in the world that brings together all transportation stakeholders. Its aim is to develop a common vision of tomorrow’s sustainable mobility and to decide about actual solutions that generate individual, business, and social benefits.

The international event for sustainable mobility

Since 1998, Michelin Challenge Bibendum has been bringing together political, industry, scientific and media representatives to discuss the challenges of and solutions for sustainable mobility.

"The intention of the Challenge Bibendum is to show that progress is being made in mobility and the future is bright for road transportation that benefits society. Yes, there is a gap between what exists today, the challenges we face (in terms of energy, the environment, safety, and widespread access to effective mobility), and the slowness of the decision-making processes around the world.  But this gap can and must be closed," said Patrick Oliva, Michelin Group Senior Vice President, Strategic Anticipation and Sustainable Development, Chairman of the Michelin Challenge Bibendum.

Created more than 15 years ago, the Michelin Challenge Bibendum has been held in Europe, the United States, Japan, Brazil and China and is actively preparing its 12th edition with an innovative approach that is even more open, in order to build international commitment to sustainable mobility.

Close coordination between the public and private sectors is critical to ensuring that innovations are actually put in place to meet new expectations.

"We must face the future without fear, our minds open to all possible solutions whether they are local or global. For we must not put off making the courageous choices that are necessary to ensure the well-being of the entire planet," said Oliva. "I'm confident that the expert debates and the 2014 China edition will bring us that much closer to sustainable, safe, and affordable mobility at the very heart of renewed growth and a better life especially in cities," said Oliva.

High-level meetings between political and economic decision-makers

Experts, scientists, industrialists, as well as representatives from a number of international organizations (European Union, ITF/OECD, WHO, IEA, UNEP, WBCSD, World Economic Forum, GRSP) have been supporting and participating in the Challenge Bibendum for a number of years. They are the key players of this event.

The Challenge Bibendum: A major event to showcase concrete and credible solutions for the future so that the necessary decisions can be taken

  • A real debate between industrialist, scientists and politicians
  • Concrete proposals based on the experience of numerous experts
  • Real-life testing in order to show the evolution of these techniques
  • Test drives
  • A real dialogue between industry, scientists, and politicians  
  • A technological exhibition center
  • Rallies for each type of vehicle
  • An opportunity for participants to form opinions and help mak