20 Weekend Eco Actions

20 Weekend Eco Actions

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Friday, May 14, 2010 - 11:35am


As a personal consultant in the area of creating sustainable lifestyles, I like to offer fun challenges to our clients to see how many green things they can do in a day, a week, or month.   Using creative ways to introduce sustainability concepts keeps a personal sustainability plan fun and fresh.  Also, by focusing on a specific day, weekend, or event, it elevates the priority of eco awareness that sometimes gets lost or buried in daily habits.

If you are looking for some eco action this weekend, try some of these suggestions: 
  1. Determine your carbon footprint and take action to reduce it.

  2. Check out your local Farmer's Market for local fruits and veggies.

  3. Sample organic beer.  Which ones are your new favorites?

  4. Go paperless  for the entire day.

  5. Have shower contests!  See who can take the shortest shower.

  6. Use technology to go green.

  7. Create a green discussion group at your place of worship or in your neighborhood. 

  8. Practice energy efficiency: unplug seldom used appliances and use as much natural light as possible.

  9. Try an organic personal care product.

  10. Take public transportation.

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